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One of the main things I miss in these forums is a representative from NemV. Other software that I use (Thea, VrayforC4D, Octane, etc.) all have the software developer themselves or an official company representative giving/posting official answers sometimes even giving a roadmap.

Katie was doing a good job and she was a good "go-betweener" where I felt my wishes were being listened to and I could imagine her taking my suggestions to the engineers.

Nowadays, I feel it falling on deaf ears.

Just my 2c.

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Pat you are correct on many points.

1) Users highly critical of promise made / broken.

My personal experience on 2011.

I was excited by the potential I saw in the pre-release. I had high hopes of what Planar could deliver in terms of 3D annotations.

But the first test I did failed my expecations.

First a hidden line render view- the Planar text does not render.

Second- Cut a VP section the planar Text is gone.

These were not even promises made by NA, but my assumption of why you would add such features to the software. NA failing to meet my interpretation of what the upgrade should include leaves me a bit bitter that I paid for the upgrade. With picky buggers like me they can't win.

2) Assess on what is available today.

I like VW, I don't want to change, so I am forever wanting / wishing / hoping / even praying, that NA can introduce some of what I think are key productivity tools. I have a tendency to assume that NA are working on what I want to see, what I want is available on other platforms, so when they don't deliver I think damb I should have swapped platforms already.

So you are right, do not assume VW are working toward any of the functions you want. Stop complaining about VW lacks, appreciate it for what it has. Look at what is on offer in the different packages. Go with the platform you think will offer you the most productive working environment.

I guess with 2011 have trouble with files from older versions, and maybe having to rebuild all your templates, now is the best time to consider your options.

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