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Alignment problem in VW 2011

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I just downloaded trial for VW 2011 and figured out that 3D alignment works differently compare to my current 2010 version. When I tried to align two objects in front or side view to the top and click CNTR+=, it does not work anymore. You have to use 3D alignment tool and it is works kind of weird. When you use it, these two selected objects disappear from the screen as soon as you click Ok to confirm 3D alignment and you can see them again only when you switch to top view. It is great inconvinience!

Another issue, if you have a locus at the object, like I do for all symbols, stored in my current libraries, the symbol now become larger for the locus size and this is also prevents proper alingment as you can not align perfectly at the side where you have locus. As far as I find out, the only way to fix it is too delete locus from all symbols in a library, which is very time-consuming is you have a lot of them.

And one more concerning alignment. For some reason for all objects created in previous version of VW, selection mark, which appears around the object when you click on it with selection tool, now it is a few times more then object itself. And the only way to fix it is open Edit Symbol tool and then just exit it. Than selection mark become as it use to be - just the size of the perimeter of the object. BUT, if you have a few thousands symbols in your library, to fix all of them become quite a task!

Is there anybody knowshow to fix these problems? I am ceriously concidering upgrading to 2011, but alignment there is a real pain!

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Hopefully this highlights the difference between the 2010 & 2011 Align/Distribute command. Objects were selected, then Align/Distribute, and vertical spacing selected.

As you can see in 2010 with objects of various sizes, equal spacing is applied between each object. In 2011, it spaces the center point of each object regardless of object size.


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Just wanted forward along that I submitted a bug report and talked to someone in QA. The bug that was reported fixed in SP2 was a separate issue than the one I described in my last post. Hopefully the "Distribute Spacing" bug should be fixed in the next SP.

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