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distance from a wall: best practice?

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using vect. 2010 basic I am trying to draw a flat: what the best way to set a point for a wall?

I know that a 10 meters wall has a connection at the 4th meter. I thought that with the tool "measure" I could measure 4 meters and set a point to be use as start point for the other wall?

Could you please suggest me how to measure and set a point?

thank you


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Hi Nicola-

One way to do this is to simply draw a short line as a marker, and move it the distance you want up the wall to show where you want the connection.

Not sure what the tool is called in Italian, but I use "duplicate array" quite often for setting multiple points at the same distance. Hope that helps.


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To do it on the fly:

- Use the G key to set a temporary tab at the beginning of the wall (you need to have that option enabled in your 'Smart Points' settings).

- Tab into the floating data 'L' field and then enter 4 m. This will give you a temporary snap point at that distance along the wall.

You can also parallel copy walls with the Offset tool.

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