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Cabinets, Sinks, Fridges

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I don't do much of this placing symbols stuff. I'm trying to draw a kitchen using walls and symbols.

How do I find insert a kitchen sink into a base cabinet or countertop?

How do I miter the corner of a countertop?

I'm looking for a small apartment size fridge symbol, like 30" wide. Where might that be in my resources?

Why do cabinets have the option of residing halfway, or all the way in a wall, rather than on a wall?

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Hi Bruce. Unfortunately there is no way to insert sinks (or other symbols) into counter tops (a real shortcoming in my opinion). However there are a couple ways to work around the problem. My personal choice is to use the cabinet plug in for the base but uncheck the "draw counter" option. Then use the Create Floor command to turn any polygonal shape(s) into your counter top. That way you can cut holes for the sink(s) and miter the corners as desired... Obviously, if you use this method then you will need to create the backsplash as a separate object as well. Hope that helps...

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