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Would be interesting to know!

Bryan G.

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how does VW feel they stack up against other competing Landscape design software?

Also are they at all concerned about the new AutoCad/ LandFX release?

And if they are what are they hoping to do about it?

And if they are doing something why/ or are the asking users(the best judge of what is needed) for input directly?

I am maybe looking for a response from well anyone!

Thoughts comments welcome.

And just for kicks how many active VW landmark users are out there?

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looked at Land FX because of your post

Found this though

a user in their Community board asked for Sheet Index Automation

Look at what happened


Not saying at all that I am interested in going there but also have a look at their Twitter


They are out there pushing

Seems to me VW needs to provide far more free training resources instead of relying so heavily on third parties like Jonathon or pay Jonathon themselves

Also look at their Support page


We utilize GoTo Meeting for many tech support issues.

If instructed to, please enter the Meeting ID provided here

Interesting approach to say the least

We must remember many offices out there rely on AutoCAD and Land FX loads into AC 2004 and above I think

It depends then on how good a landscape design tool it is, support and training resources

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here there is a very large following of LandFX. they do however tend to be larger LA firms that can afford the full price of both AC and LandFX. but they are quite small as a company and I have actually talked with the head brass when I was shopping for software. They are very pro moving forward and when a question is asked as in your post they respond with real answers.

Now that being said I am still a big big big supporter of VW and will do anything in my power to help them through comments or industry specific needs, all to improve the software. I would just like a little feedback from VW on whats happening.

I believe VW is a fantastic design tool but the few missing things that are industry specific would put them over the top.

Just sayin!!!!

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Could not agree more - I love VW also

Yesterday though I was with a landscape architect looking at a tree and of course the software quaestion came up - what do you use

I said 2010, she said - 2009 - I asked what she and their office thought - she said 'just buggy'

Whether that is true or not - no comment

Point is though that was her / their view

That is a shame!

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Yes, here VW has hardcore users that will help any way possible. If they VW would just inform us on what they are doing to make it better, I mean don't give out any trade secrets just-- yes that is a good idea and we have something like that on the plate we would tentatively like it out in version 20xx.

We want VW to not be a Cad system but the best Cad system.

We are here to help (or at least I am willing)

Thanks guys for the responses, nice to know others have the same thoughts.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

There is an interesting dynamic on this community forum. It is intended to be a site where users, and prospects, seek help/support from each other. This is not intended to be another branch of tech support managed by Nemetschek Vectorworks, but could actually be a source of support for users who want to hear from others how they went about accomplishing "such and such" functionality. Bryan and I have traded few comments back and forth here and via email, and I'd like all to know that I do watch these forum...a lot more frequently then when I started at Nemetschek Vectorworks. When you get ideas for tools and features, you should certainly make them known formally in the wish list forum, or even better in the bug submit.

If you only knew how many features have been requested of the developers...or let me say it this way, if you only know how many features I alone have put forth towards the developers :). I don't say this lightly, because I do have a voice in what development does occur and as a landscape architect, I know how the tools are supposed to work...but I am one of many that the developers listen to...our distributors worldwide contribute to the wishlist and this is why I say, "if you only knew".

But, do not let that stop you...keep the wishes coming!

One other thing...the free resources in training are there for Vectorworks, whether in the tutorials, the webinars, the knowledgebase, the online video library, etc. are there for your use...and like the features, let us know the tutorials you wish we had, as we are always developing them as well. I would be happy to work on more informative webinars showcasing the functionality of the software. Get involved with your local user groups, if you have not already, as that is another free resource to tap into, of local professionals using the software, who can also bend our ear for just such webinars...happens quite frequently, actually. We are doing a webinar tomorrow on how a Landmark Beta Tester is using 2011 in her workflows at 2pm Eastern. https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/756579883

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I DO admit that you watch this board closely and I get quality answers from you via the board or email.

Point taken in regards to this being a learning forum, not something else. I do post wish list items (lately more often) and will continue to post them as I find need in my practice.

As for the tools you have implemented I and maybe we see them enjoy them and for some of us waked out users maybe even love them. they are what OBVIOUSLY keep us coming back for more. And with future improvement of these tools and future tools I and again maybe we get what we want in tool robustness. I can only imagine the work it takes to program a quality tool and the reworks it takes to get them how everybody wants them. I do say thank you for your hard work!

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Some of the Landmark features introduced in the last two versions hopefully convey VW committment to the Landscape side of things. The Red/Blue cut and fill in 2011 is a great example.

I agree with Bryan that it would be great to keep those tools coming, including push pull for contours, simplify poly 2D, drainage package, and many of the land planning tools now only available for plug in packages.

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