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dual G4 450, vw9.5, OSX.1.2, 800+mb ram:

One nice side benefit of OSX is the CPU Monitor - real-time bar graphs indicating CPU usage. Dual CPU machines have a graph for each CPU.

I have noticed that when a VW document is active (even if there is nothing in the document and even if I am not doing anything) both CPUs are running at 50% - 90% of capacity. The Process Viewer verifies this. Why does it take that much CPU power just to keep VW alive? None of my other applications even come close to consuming this kind of processing power when nothing is going on. 9.5 is much more sluggish doing such things as "select all" or "deselect all" than 8.5.2. Can we expect to see improvement in this area in future VW releases?

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