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3D Fillet/Chamfer



Can the 3D fillet tool be part of the history tree. Having to re-instate many different fillets after editing really slow up the workflow. I do try to do as many as possible at the beginning of modelling but even so it is a real pain and I often have to make a note of which fillet goes where.

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I can see how this would be a problem for the programmers: It is possible to change the underlying objects in a manner, that would render the fillet impossible. This could perhaps be overcome by a graphic dialogue, that showed how the fillet was done before the change in the model tree and asking for a new input, if the program cannot figure out, how it should be done after the change.

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I know little of programming but I do know that other 3D modelling programs manage it, and even the ability to drag a handle to alter the fillet, so it must be possible.

I thought that the new parasolid engine would allow more flexible, intuitive modelling, and yet I read recently that VW was reaching the limit as far as 3D was concerned. Can this be true? After all it was only changed in 2009.

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Well thanks for all your two cents, I agree christiaan that your suggestion would be best but I'm assuming they would have done that in 2011 if it was possible. I read a recent article where Biplap mentioned NV was already pushing the limits of what is possible with the parasolids engine. Maybe NV could read

this and fill us in.

This was the thread


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GWS - That comment was cited out of context by Fritsch. It is from the Architosh article Vectorworks 2011 - A Preview in Boston.


You need to read the surrounding text to understand what was actually being said:

Vectorworks 2011 ? A Powerful Citizen in the BIM World

As the afternoon in Boston unfolded Robert Anderson, AIA, VP of Nemetschek Vectorworks, reviewed the new features that would make version 2011 a more powerful player and rival in the competitive BIM (Building Information Modeling) market.

Anderson noted that as far as a BIM player is concerned the company believes Vectorworks 2011 has no equal in the 3D modeling arena. Nemetschek?s Vectorworks is one of only two BIM software programs to utilize the powerful Parasolid modeling engine. Only Bentley uses it besides them. This is the same 3D geometry engine powering most of the leaders in the MCAD and PLM space, including Siemens? own Unigraphics NX line (also available for Mac) and SolidWorks by SolidWorks Corporation.

In fact, the company is now possibly going to start pushing up against the ?what is possible? ceiling limits with the world?s top geometry modeling kernel if they push even harder to find that dreamy balance between ?parametric-driven? modeling and ?explicit modeling? within the context of what architects really would like. (see Architosh?s 2010 BIM Survey report for a detailed discussion of what architects are really asking for with modeling in a BIM environment.) Dr. Biplab Sarkar said when asked if the kernel was limiting that, ?yes, it?s not yet possible with Parasolids.? The truth about BIM products and ideal modeling for architects in AEC is that all the benefits of parametric BIM (especially history-based) have not yet been merged with all the benefits of explicit modeling tools (with true solids) like legendary modeling applications in AEC such as formZ.

In some ways, what was described and asked for in our BIM report by architects far and wide is still far off in the future. In other ways, the two modeling processes are in competition with each to govern design-modeling processes. For now, Nemetschek Vectorworks believes it is providing the ultimate balance and capability within the BIM market in the area of modeling. I asked Anderson what else, besides its superb modeling, was making Vectorworks 2011 a first class BIM player now.

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