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Wall with arched opening


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Welcome to the forum. It is very helpful if you create a signature for yourself which includes all of your relevant data (see mine below for example). Do this by clicking on the My Stuff link above.

As to your question: Use a WIndow object set to "cased opening" with no trim and jambs of 0 thickness. Set the "top shape" as desired in the Object Info Palette.

PS, with what material do you plan to build a 1" thick wall? Just curious...

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Would have replied sooner but it took awhile to figure out the signature part. It was hidden right in front of me, sorry about that. I am trying to show a natural stone wall with an arched opening. When I did the window, it was very thin, the wall will be 4 foot high and 1 foot thick. How do I send you an image?

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OK, I see what you're after now. I would recommend modeling this as follows: 1) delete the "door" opening, 2) Use two walls, each of which ends where the opening starts. 3) Go to a Front (or straight-on) View and draw the desired arch as a closed 2d polygon (it will look like an upside down "u"), giving it the desired thickness. 4) Select the polygon and Extrude it to the desired depth/thickness, 5) Go to Top/Plan view and move/drag the extrude into the proper location (extrudes are always created from the layer's zero point and so will never be aligned from above at creation). 6) Apply the desired texture to the extrude. I have attached a sample file so you can see what I've done. Let us know how it goes... PS: Not sure how you would actually build this in the real world, but probably not with round stones. More likely with a brick or cut stone arch with keystone (which can also be modeled pretty quickly in VW's, although it'll need to be modeled one stone at a time...)

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Peter, Sorry for taking so long to get back to you but I was out in the field for the last week. Silly question when I draw my 2Dpolygon, do I offset the 2d polygon before I extrude? How do I get the same thickness you made? By the way that is almost exactly what I am trying to do.

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Hi Mark, yes, what I did was to draw the outer edge of the arch as a closed polygon then offset it to the inside (by whatever you wish the thickness of the piece to be, say 8"...) then use the "Clip Surface" command to clip the inner shape from the outer. Then extrude. Also, make sure to read my last post. As I thought about your goal I realized that this method might be a lot faster (using the door plug in and a floor object to hide the bottom strip).

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