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The offset tool

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VW Architect 9.5 macG4/867

Sorry if this is a repeat, but a quick search for this problem returned no results

The offset tool in VW 9.5 is now set to reset to the pointer with a double click. The result of this is that I can now only offset one line once every five seconds or so. This is very inconvienient, especially when I am offsetting large numbers of lines (to make a pattern). The tool keeps resetting on me. Please bring back the old offset tool (which I have used since MC5). The new one is not an 'improvement' if I stop using it, which is what is happening. Most people in my office (30 licenses) agree.

Thank you,

Brooks Howell

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Double-click functions differently with other tools, too, such as:Zoom in and out: while these tools are selected, a mouse double click first zooms in or out as if doucle clicking the "c" or "v" (standard workspace), then exits to the selection tool.Leader line: mouse double-clicking won't exit the tool- I usually end up with a couple of short meaningless leader lines before I realize I've tried to employ the old habit.Mirror: double-clicking used to exit the tool, now mirrors my selected object all over the page until I realize I'm using that old habit.In general, these are all contrary to the way I'd choose to make the mouse double-click work. When the change to the offset tool is added to this mix, EVERY change to the double-click response from VW seems to have gone contrary to (my) reason.

Otherwise, I'm still stoked on the 9.5 improvements over 9.0.x!

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