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Drainage Coefficients

Bryan G.

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I would love a full hydrology unit, but lets just add to what we have. Add C values to each surface we have create a border for the drainage area (Much like the fence tool. and then bang we can generate Q. I don't know programing but I would think it may be easier to add to existing than rewrite from scratch.

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I agree a full hydro unit may not be necessary. I generally try to simplify my "C" anyway in the rational formula and wonder if worksheets could use class or record formats to do the same thing?

For instance, just have a separate column in a workesheet, and give an area tagged as lawn a C of .35, and set up the Q in some other column. There must be an if-then function to use somehow, right?

Just noodling, pre coffee.

Also, there is a land planning add on module that may cover this. I am not sure about that yet, but it seems as if it had a sewer design module along with roads and the like.

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I recently got the Land Planning Mod. Still going through it. It seems to do a fair amount but seems like there may be some weak points (I'm not talking bad about Charles, I just need to figure out some of the tools).

As for a worksheet, I think that yes it could be easy to compile info in a worksheet to generate Q, It however would be nice to automate this through vectorworks. I issued a post "DTM Woes" under Landmark that shows a simple flow pattern area of drainage (4) and surfaces, I used the area within these bounds to calculate Q. I would think something to add to the existing tools that will generate a value for C or I should say we could select for now. then a worksheet could do the rest. After all we have a cut and fill function, drainage shouldn't be that far off.

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