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Multiple Object Selection

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dual G4, OSX.1.2, vw9.5, 800+mb ram.

When holding down the Option key and dragging, VW selects everything the marquee touches as it should. But, if I try to add to the selection by holding down the Shift key (or Shift+Option) and selecting additional items, VW will de-select some of the previously selected items. This is not consistent with prior VW performance nor with Mac interface standards. This makes it near impossible to select multiple items efficently. Any ideas? confused.gif" border="0

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I posted this same topic some time ago. Someone from NNA said they made the change to make VW more like other programs, and unless they got more feed back, they had no plans to change the current function. I think about 5 users posted their frustration with this revision in addition to myself.

I really find this change frustrating as well, but unless more users express dissatisfaction, I don't think this one will get changed.

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That's real interesting. Like the Trim Tool fiasco, this change (? or bug ?) has damaged the usefullness of VW. I've had to resort to creating a new invisible layer and move the selected items to it piece-by-piece via the Layer drop-down on the Info pallet just to be sure I picked up all the pieces I need, and then move everything back off the invisible layer as a selection to the active layer - what a pain!!! Overall, 9.5 on OSX is nice, but this is ridiculous. Riding this new setup is a roller-coaster of highs and lows. Sorry I missed the earlier posts regarding this.

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After 12 years of using MiniCad and Vectorworks, the last thing I want to see is changes to the basic interface. Count me out for future upgrades if you continue to redesign key elements of your program.

REMEMBER - You should be designing features your customers (WE) want, not redesigning the basics you think we should have. If you ever change a basic operation of the program, PLEASE add a preference switch so we can return to the tried and true way of doing things.

Ray Mullin

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... tried has often not been true.

Although I often shake my head, wondering if the entire Nemetschek / Diel development team is fewer than a half-dozen people with a couple of buddies to do beta testing, I believe new features and revised interface operation are the result of attempting to appease disgruntled users (that would be the 'WE' bit).

Some manners of operation are preferred because different people operate, mentally, different. Consider the verb-noun characteristic of AutoCAD -- a DOS carryover -- as opposed to the make-edit character of MiniCAD -- more a Mac thing, I presume.

Some manners of operation, though, are more efficient than others. Plain and simple. Although I, a DOS junky with a fondness for AutoCAD, had to switch to VW on a Mac a year ago, not all I've discovered has been bad. I entered with an open mind but was disappointed with the instability and inflexibility of the Mac and with the unreliability and inconsistency of VectorWorks.

BUT (BIG but), a number of things which I originally hated because they changed fundamentally the way I drafted, have proven to be quicker or more convenient.

Moral:Change can be good. Can be bad, but can be good. For some things, only time will judge.

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T/s, I agree, change can be good. And it can also be bad or indifferent. However, the change that broesler started this discussion with concerned a VERY BASIC modality of the program, one that I personally believe should not be jacked with.

There is no reason why NNA cannot add a feature without replacing an existing feature of the program. If they survey enough users I believe they can determine which features, WE the users, consider sacred and which WE don't. Over the years, I have lost more than one feature that I considered sacred to the way I use the program. I prefer not to loose any more, and will continue to use older versions of the program to maintain my peace of mind.

Respectfully,Ray Mullin

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Can anybody explain to me how this "change" is for the better? Not being able to make multiple selections can't possibly be better than being able to. VW won't evenly consistently select (or deselect) the same elements. This is not a change, this is a BUG! Fighting with something as fundamental as being able to multiple select is ridiculous. All Mac applications have this basic ability. Forget 9.5, I'm going back to 8.5.2 even though it means giving up OSX (for now). I've got work to do.

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A current project of ours has just moved into working drawing stage, and I was really the only one keeping tabs in VW development; the rest of the office was using 852 for work. For this project, we decided to stick with 852 since I haven't yet had enough opportunity to do reconnaissance on the (un)reliability of 950. Surprises during final plots are not amusing.

BUT, I've had absolutely no problem running 852 under OSX -- albeit inside Classic -- so if you enjoy X, stay there, dude.

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