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yuri osoy

glass objects in artistic renderworks?

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Yes, but

My Clear Glass texture does not render transparent in Artistic/Cartoon Renderworks, but it does in other render modes. I checked the texture settings and found that the default setting for Transparency is None. That one does not render transparent in the artistic modes.

I duplicated and edited the Clear Glass texture to make it work.

Select the glass object.

Click the Data tab in the OIP

Click the disclosure triangle next to the Texture pull down.

Click Duplicate and Edit option (A new texture is created named Glass-2)

Change the Transparency to Plain Transparency

Click Edit button next to Transparency pull down and move slider to middle.

Click the OK buttons.

Assign the new texture to the glass object and render.



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thanks a lot Benson, you opened a whole new world for me there.

If it's not too much to ask could you help me figure out what is going with these other cartoon rendering... exact same model with exact same settings for windows... first one is in open Gl, second is final quality and third is cartoon. Notice what happens to the window on the third one.

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Please click the My Stuff tab near top of this Forum window and create a signature showing VW version, and basics of your hardware.

Oops, I wrote to click the OIP Data Tab in first response. The OIP Render Tab is the one you want.

Is there glass texture in those folding windows at bottom of image? If so, try that texture on the clerestory and back window.

For the safety of your orig file, paste the clerestory and a few of the other objects into a new blank file. Do your tests and mods in this new file. If render problems persist, post that new file here - switch to Full Reply, and upload it with the File Manager. We will take a look.

Anyway, the opaque condition of clerestory pane and back window may be a result of class or texture in the window object parts. Are these window PIO objects? If so, dig deep into the object parts and look at texture defs.

Also, textures in previous versions may not work well in VW2011 because of different render engines. Are these legacy glass objects ported into 2011?

The first place to look for solutions to VW visibility problems is Classes. This can mean class designation, and/or class definition, and/or class override (in Viewports) and probably some other things. Next most common source is texture selection and definition.

Post back as needed.


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