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newbie: first presentatio to print

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First of all I want to apologize for the possible incorrect terms I may use here, because my version of Vectorworks 2010 is not in english but italian, and so I am not sure of the english terms.

I have problems with my first presentation to print.

I created 3 layers:

1. a 2d plot with a frame containing info

2. a detail of a part of the plot

3. a 3D plot seen as perspective (I rotated it as I want to see)

To print it I created a viewport and I activated all 3 layers.

This viewport is contained in a presentation layer.

But when I activate the presentation layer, my 3d plot is not seen rotated as I want, but it's seen from the top as 2d plot.

I tried to manipulate different viewport's options, but with no result.

So i ask for some advices, please.

Thank you


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A single viewport can only show a single view. If you want to show different layers in different views (Top/Plan and perspective or elevation), you need to create a different viewport for each.

A Presentation (Sheet in English) layer can have multiple viewports.

I would create three viewports, one for each of the design layers.

The easiest way to get the viewport for the perspective view set the way you want would be to turn off the other two design layers and adjust the view (either standard views or walkthrough/flyover tools) to what you want. Then create a viewport of that view on the same presentation (sheet) layer as the other viewport.

Change the layer visibility in the original viewport to not show the perspective layer.

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