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Clear in windows

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I cannot seem to get my windows to render with clear glass that I can see through. I have highlighted the window and set the class to clear. I have set the menu to clear in the windows settings menus and tried using class for the same.

Cannot find any help on this on the forum or help menu so far.

Anyone able to help please ?



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I am having the same problem. I recently upgraded to VW 2011, but am unable to use it due to rendering problems. When I import a file from VW 2009 or 2010 which renders perfectly in those older versions, the imported file renders very dull in VW 2011 and the windows appear to have gray gauze (semi-transparent), but not realistic. I have spent 2 days messing with the glass settings, but to no avail. Also, the interiors of my model (a house) appear to have interior ambient light even with ambient light turned off and no interior light objects. Where is this interior light coming from?

I have also tried creating a new file from scratch in VW 2011 with a simple model (4 walls with 3 windows, roof and floor slab). The results are the same - dull gray gauzy looking glass and lighted interiors when rendered. Interestingly, if I export this simplified model to VW 2009, the 4 walls become transparent when rendered and all I see are the slab (which should be hidden, and it is black), the 3 windows floating in space with gray opaque glass, plus the roof. The walls appear correctly in plan view, but transparent when rendered from an iso view.

Obviously, something is amiss so until I can figure this out, I am sticking with VW 2009 and VW 2010.

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Thanks. Yes, I have the color of the glass set to black. I am using VW 2011 supplied "Clear Glass" texture which has the color set to black, but the texture is anything but "clear". The problem I am having is that the glass simply looks "dirty" when rendered as an exterior view. Also, there seems to be light coming from the interior where there is no light other than the light coming through the window.

In the real world, if I stand outside a house with windows on a sunny day, the windows are almost black due to the difference between the sunny outdoors and the indoor ambient light. With VW 2010, I get that kind of rendering, but with VW 2011, the windows are gray and muddy (dirty).

Not sure what is going on, but I have spent about 20 hours trying to figure it out.

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