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Title Block: editing problems

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Dear Everyone

I am following instructions to edit a title block. I want to insert my firm name, address and logo so I do not have to type this in each time. I alter the records in the relevant fields in the data tab and the new plugin/symbol looks right, but, when inserted into the sheet border it reverts to Design Firm Name standard record and not the amended version. Frustrating and I'm wasting so much time on it. Perhaps someone can point me to some reliable information.

Also, is it still true that I can only use certain types of title blocks with the issue manager?

Help would be much appreciated.



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Hi Matt,

Don't know what kind of work you do, but this works for us. We only do residential design/build work, so our projects are not very large.

Our firm uses a single title block symbol on it's own design layer, and we keep it as a seperate viewport, which is then placed on our various drawing sheets. We have a 2nd symbol which has all the sheet specific info in it, which we placed on top of the viewport in the sheet layer. Obviously this is already set up in our template so we're not re-inventing the wheel every time we start a new project.

Therefore the repeating info is always the same, and the sheet specific info is kept unique. A simple drawing index (spreadsheet)on the cover sheet brings all the unique sheet data to it, and counts the number of drawings printed.

On top of this, we create a single sheet layer which displays and prints ALL of our drawings that we need, forgoing the use of the Issue Manager. (Why create thirty sheet layers if you only need one?)

In other words, we don't use the title block stuff or the Issue manager stuff as it's intended, but were convinced our method is the most Simple and efficient way to set our projects up.

Hope this helps,


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You can make a duplicate of one of the Title Blocks, rename it, and edit it to your heart's content. If you merely re-arrange the text, and remove the linked text and replace it with the text strings you want, you are half way there. The next step is to edit the Record Format associated with the Title Block. I would duplicate the default, rename it and then edit it to the desired information, then relink the info in the custom Title Block, where appropriate.

Edited by Jeffrey W Ouellette
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Hi Jeffry

I think I'm getting there. Following your instructions. One question I wonder if you can clear up? How do I 'relink' the info in the custom title block. Is this the same as the record? The issue i have is that I have done as you say, but when I attach the block to the drawing border it has the default info, but when I drag the symbol itself onto the drawing it has the edited info. Do you what is going on here? Sorry for all the questions.



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