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PanzerCAD Releases CameraMatch 2011 for the Vectorworks 2011 Product Line


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Guest Lisa Lance

PanzerCAD Releases CameraMatch 2011 for the Vectorworks 2011 Product Line

Columbia, Md. (Oct. 5, 2010) ? Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc. announced today that PanzerCAD has released the 2011 version of its CameraMatch plug-in to be compatible with the Vectorworks? 2011 line of software products.

The CameraMatch 2011 plug-in allows a user to easily align a 3D model view to a photograph. With this plug-in, a user can also superimpose the rendered model into the photograph, saving time by eliminating the need to spend hours creating models of a project's surroundings.

"We?re really excited about CameraMatch 2011,? says Matt Panzer, owner of PanzerCAD. ?A lot of work went into this version, and it shows. Creating a composite rendering in an existing photo is even more accurate than before, and the new ?image editing? abilities can give you great finished renderings without even leaving Vectorworks.?

Some of the new features in CameraMatch 2011 include:

Completely Rewritten View Calculation Procedure

This ?under the hood? improvement makes calculated views more accurate and allows for more difficult situations.

Mask Object's New Clone Mode

The feature allows a Mask object to shift the photo image it displays, which lets a Mask object behave similar to the Clone tool in many image-editing applications.

New Shadow Object

The new Shadow object allows shadows and shading to be placed over the rendered image, eliminating the need to export to an image editor for adding simple shadows.

Other New Features

CameraMatch?s more efficient use of image resources greatly reduces file sizes. Mask and Shadow objects automatically clip any parts of themselves extending past the viewport?s crop.

The CameraMatch 2011 plug-in can be purchased from www.panzercad.com for US$100. For CameraMatch 2010 users, the upgrade fee is US$40. CameraMatch 2011 is free for students and teachers using the 2011 educational version of the Vectorworks software.

CameraMatch is currently available in English, and German and Italian versions are planned for later this year.

Located in the Baltimore/Annapolis area of Maryland, PanzerCAD has developed plug-ins for Vectorworks software since 1995 and provided architectural design/presentation services since 1994. Learn more at www.panzercad.com.

About Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc.

Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nemetschek AG and has been developing software since 1985. The Vectorworks line of software products provides professional design solutions for more than 450,000 designers in the AEC, entertainment and landscape design industries. With a tradition of designing flexible, versatile, intuitive and affordable CAD and Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions, Nemetschek Vectorworks continues to be a global leader in 3D design technologies. For more information, visit www.vectorworks.net.

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