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Matt Panzer

CameraMatch 2011 Released!

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????????????????????????????2011 for Vectorworks 2011

Quickly and accurately align a 3D model view to a photograph! No more wasted time fiddling with 3D view controls that are just not designed for the task. Camera Match quickly finds the view by placing control lines on a photograph and clicking a button. If the view still needs tuning, Camera Match's powerful live tuning controls get the job done fast. Once the view is set, CameraMatch's touchup tools magically bring it all together!

Some of the new features in CameraMatch 2011 include:

Completely Rewritten View Calculation Procedure

This ?under the hood? improvement makes calculated views more accurate and allows for more difficult situations.

Mask Object's New Clone Mode

The feature allows a Mask object to shift the photo image it displays, which lets a Mask object behave similar to the Clone tool in many image-editing applications.

New Shadow Object

The new Shadow object allows shadows and shading to be placed over the rendered image, eliminating the need to export to an image editor for adding simple shadows.

Other New Features

CameraMatch?s more efficient use of image resources greatly reduces file sizes.

Mask and Shadow objects automatically clip any parts of themselves extending past the viewport?s crop.

Attention Students and Teachers:

CameraMatch 2011 is FREE for students and teachers using the 2011 student version of Vectorworks software. Simply download CameraMatch, install it, and bring your projects to a whole new level!

Vist Our Student Page

For more information, visit: www.panzercad.com

Edited by Matt Panzer

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Hi Matt

Your Plug-in is an excellent tool however when vw had the Lightworks rendering engine, NemV didn't implement the "Shadow Catcher" feature so we couldn't have accurate shadows placed on the photo. Now with the C4D rendering engine they have excluded the "Frontal Mapping" feature-that's how C4D applies accurate shadows to a photo.

Although your "shadow" work-around/trick is a good one, true and accurate shadows are preferable besides, it's less work. :)

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Hi Shaun,

I agree. Textures should include the necessary settings to create a "shadow catcher". In the meantime the following could be done to simulate simple and more accurate shadows:

- Create a "ground plane object (in a "Shadow Catcher" class) and render the viewport.

- Now that the shadows are cast on the shadow catcher object, trace them with the CameraMatch Shadow tool.

- Turn off the "Shadow Catcher" class and render again.

- Make any adjustments to the shadow settings and there you have it.

I realize some scenes may have more complex shadows making this a more difficult method. The "Shadow catcher" method can also be a bit of work if the shadow falls on something (in the photo) that is more complex than a simple flat ground plane.

Best regards,

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For those interested, here are some reviews and comments on CameraMatch:

Jonathan Pickup:

"you can't afford NOT to have CameraMatch"...

"CameraMatch means you only have to model the NEW parts of the project. You do not have to model everything if you can photograph the scene. The savings are enormous."

Read Jonathan's Full Review Here

John Helm:

"Time savings on just one [CameraMatch rendering] should more than pay for the $100 cost of the program and from then on it?s just more money in your pocket."

Read John's Full Review

Justin Lang (iSquint.net):

"If you do a LOT of 3D rendering, you need to take a look at CameraMatch plug-in for Vectorworks 2011. Looking over the gallery images and info page on PanzerCAD?s website, I was blown away!"

Read Justin's Blog

Checkout the CameraMatch User Image Gallery

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Thanks Jonathan! That temporary masking tip probably looks quite familiar to you - being that you came up with it. ;-)

It seems that many users are unaware that CameraMatch can be used for interior views just as well as exterior. This is is a big reason I wanted to create this. This video also shows the quality results you can get with very minimal modeling of existing conditions.

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Sorry folks. The Cafe Interior Demonstration YouTube link is no longer valid. I made some adjustments to the audio and thought I could swap the audio in YouTube (keeping the same link). It doesn't work that way so I had to upload it again at this link:

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