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CTRL key in VW2009 on MAC OS X

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I work with VW 2009 running on a Mac OS X.

I realized that when using a tool, Ctrl+Click normally allows to select different Objects without having to de-select and re-select the tool in use.

However, the Mac OS overrides the vectorworks Ctrl+click behavior with the default Ctrl+click=mouse right click.

I couldn't find a way around this problem.

Does anyone know how? either by changing the Mac OS or the Vectorworks behavior?


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You can change the keys in the OS configuration. Go to your System Preferences and take the option "keyboard and mouse" and at the bottom click the button "Special keys" and there you can switch the ctrl and cmd key.

I changed those two too because i find this handier for short keying.

Beware that you need the option (alt) button on mac to copy something and not the ctrl key like on a windows machine...

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