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2011 meet the engineers wishlist



Nemetschek royalty are coming to visit us at our office on Monday. They'll be able to learn that I'm not actually a grumpy old prick but a warm personable young man. :)

Here's a wishlist I've been working on. Feel free to comment.

UK/Europe/Commonwealth specific features

1. Window and door tool

  • Ability to define and dimension by structural opening.
  • Ability to display shim gap in 2D.
  • Support for fully reversible, centre pivot and tilt-n-turn windows.
  • Localisation of window terminology, including window types and parts.
  • Ability to use dotted line to indicate inward opening and solid line to indicate outward opening.

2. New modular window tool (i.e. Velfac windows)

General features

3. Revision lettering

  • Ability to skip ?I? and ?O?.
  • Ability to use arbitrary lettering schemes (but still automated), for example: P1, P1a, P2, C1, C1a.

4. More efficient PDFs

  • Only include viewable data, not the entire Design Layer behind Viewports.

5. Class drop down menu

6. Ability to map classes on the fly when pasting objects from another file

7. Notes Manager

  • General modernisation.
  • Ability to duplicate notes.
  • Ability to change default to not "use the first 42 characters of the note for the description" when creating a note.

8. General modernisation of the Grid Bubble tool

9. New more comprehensive railing tool (to match new stair tool railing capabilities)

10. More visual feedback in general

  • For example the Preferences/Object Properties window of various tools (e.g. of the Detail Bubble tool) should include a preview of the object.

11. Get rid of the Perspective Viewing Window

Features you?re probably already working on but worth a mention anyway

12. Teamwork Server

  • Including ability to sign in or out any arbitrary piece of information.
  • Including low latency for use over the internet.

13. Editing in Live Sections

  • Ability to edit in section (e.g. select a window and edit in OIP).

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How about throwing in a bid for:

- windows/doors create holes in all walls they are in contact with ie. adjacent, one on top of the other with the door/window inbetween etc

- multi window/screen solution

- associative 3d hatching

- more stability/compatibility between files of diff versions

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Energy efficiency modeling for Schematic Design Phase.

Including (but not limited to):

Hourly Heat Balance Calculations.

Whole-building analysis, integrating loads and systems for multi-zone building.

Calculate hourly indoor air temperature.

Input local utility rates and local pollution data.

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Christiaan - is it possible to spell check Notes and how about copy and paste into and out of or into - dare I say it MS Word or similar - I think there was a unicode issue or something where characters like - or ' or " may not work properly or has this already been fixed / changed in VW 2011

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How did it go Christiaan?

I was there with Christiaan and Peter Besley (another architect), plus Martyn Horne from Computers Unlimited (the UK distributor) and I came away with the impression that NV Inc were receptive to our requirements.

We've agreed to post our full 'agenda' here for discussion...which we'll do shortly.

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