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VV 2011 Plant Tool

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I downloaded the evaluation version to have a look

Because I have a large library of Plants I have made myself - last count was 275 custom plants - first thing I looked at - is there now a scroll bar when you select a plant

When you first use the Plant Tool you can select your first plant and only first plant from all of your plant symbols just like in the Resource Browser

After that little teaser you have to select from a list of plant names - this list does not have a scroll bar so to get to a Plant starting with 'w' in my 275 plants - wack a brick on your mouse and go and get a cup of coffee

This is madness

Why when you select your first plant do you get a nice useable graphical interface and can Edit the plant spacing, Edit the plant definition or Duplicate the plant and make a new one or you can select a plant symbol and quickly scroll through them with a scroll bar.

Every time you use the tool afterwards you have to just troll through the list of names with no scroll bar - rest your cursor at the bottom of the list on a little black arrow and wait

Can anyone tell me who knows how to write Plug In Objects how difficult is it to put a scroll bar on a list such as this?

Why do we have such a good usable GUI for the first plant and then go back into the dark ages for every new plant you wish to use in that file

I will not upgrade to VW 2011 until this is fixed

It boggles my mind and proves to me with this - NV just does not give a hoot

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Mike - how you doing?

In VW2011 Evaluation Version VW 2010 and VW 2009

New File

From Site Planning Tools Set you go to Place Plant - correct?

You get Place Plant Preferences as you say - nice Gui where you can select Plants as in the Resource Browser as Symbols - correct?

Place a Plant

Now remember I am talking about in my library I have 275 Plants and the Evaluation version of VW 2011 I downloaded today - it has 16

Tell me how we can activate that GUI again?

Your first image above

Notice even in your Image above - the first one it has a scroll bar

Go again to Place Plant and we get just up beside the Mode Bar - Plant ID and can select from the list of Plants

So how do we get the original Place Plant Preferences GUI again?

You are right in the Plant ID list we have up and down arrows but they are not scroll bars so try them with 275 plants in your Plant Library - totally different and as I said in my original post

wack a brick on your mouse and go and get a cup of coffee

Having a scroll bar or even if you could type 'wa' for Waterhousia and get to it

Why can we not have the original GUI - the first one of your images above for every plant we place?

If you want me to send you my Plant Library with 275 Plants in it you will see what I mean

I am not at all interested in workarounds with this

We should have the original GUI - your top image for every plant we place or if a list as in second plant onwards a real scroll bar

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After discussing this with Darrel on the phone I can now see where the problem is. Darrel hadn't realised that you can access the Plant objects visually through the tool Preferences button. In the dialog box that opens up for this tool there is a small graphic window that when clicked on allows you to select the required Plant using a Plant object specific browser. This browser allows you to select from those Plant objects in the current file and in the Default Content Plant object files.

I'm not surprised that Darrel didn't realise this because there are only two tools that have this option - the Plant tool and the Custom Stair tool. Thus it is easy to miss.

What this shows is that:

- Even experienced users don't find the interface obvious enough.

- The interface behaviour needs to be more consistent.

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I'd actually prefer to see more tools have the quick visual selection pop-up because it provides a way for users to set up the program for how they want to work through customisation of their Template files and Default Library content.

Some obvious candidates for this quick visual selection mode are the:

- Wall tool Wall Styles.

- Door tool preconfigured door types.

- Window tool preconfigured door types.

- Handrail tool preconfigured handrail types.

- Furniture object preconfigured types.

- Section Marker types.

- Reference Marker types.

- North Point types.

The aim should be to make it easier for users to set up the program for how they want to work most of the time. This is currently possible but the methodology is not obvious and it is confusing. That means most users don't or can't do it.

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