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Is there any where to get more detailed help with the site modeling?

I can do the basics. Generate a site model, add simple pads, simple roads, simple boundries...

I have a complicated site that I need to shape to the grading that we are going to do, but there are lots of slopes, and a walk out basement, w/ a driveway close by, and the the garage next to that.

I've gone through JP's VW Architect Manual, but this is more complicated( especially getting the slope around the house for the walk-out basement).

Any help is apriciated.



I'm running VW 2010, w/ Vista 32.

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I would need to see exactly what you're after, and what the site looks like to give any really accurate advice, but you might try using a series of Pads surrounded by one Boundary. The pads can be at wildly different elevations (or slopes) but they cannot touch each other, or overlap, in plan view. For example if you place one pad at 8ft elev and then place another (almost) right next to it and at 16ft elev you will end up with a (nearly) vertical wall in the Site Model... Also (you probably already get this) the closer the Boundary is to any given pad(s), the closer to vertical the cuts will be. Hope that helps.

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