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VW2008 vs VW2011 whats going on???


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right, a file that previously worked fine in 2008 wont print properly in 2011. the jpeg base map prints as a grey box. i know from previous experience that this is sometimes due to the file size of the image file or the pixel size of the image. But if it worked in 2008 and wont in 2011 it looks like the parameters for this has been reduced.

I gave up and redrew the file in 2011 to see if i could overcome this, but no, same result. I can print from a PDF of the file, but i dont like doing this as the colours dont print correctly from the PDF, i want to be able to print from VW.

i did some more experimenting, and 2011 seems to struggle with importing image files that worked perfectly in 2008, they wont even show up correctly, just as a grey box. i have tried the image compression function in 2001, but this doesnt seem to do anything at all.

I have to work on quite large bases, sometimes 35km radius, and these can be large in file size, sometimes up to 50MB, but 2008 handled these fine. Why the hell is 2011 struggling with this, isnt this supposed to be an upgrade, not a downgrade??????

i am currently having to use 2008 for a lot of jobs now as 2011 just doesnt cut it, this is very very very annoying, i wish we had waited 6 months for the patches to come out before wasting time setting everything up for 2001!!

any suggestions would be very welcome

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I've recently had awfull trouble migrating Symbol Files from VW2008 to VW2010.

Some Solids got destroyed.

Most of them could be recovered by first open and save the Files im VW2009

and then open these in VW2010.

But some of my the 3d Elements just became "uncomputable".....

Sometimes I need more time working on the Sofware than with it.

Still scared about upgrading to 2011.

many of the new Supertools seem to be implemented like the

Space navigator Support....

@monkey: Could be a memory issue, you have just 2GB of RAM.

VW with big textures / Images needs a lot of RAM.

You don't always get a Message, sometimes there is just a Part of the image missing or black.

I guess it should be 2GB of RAM for each Prozessor.

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I have had no response after submitting the problem as a Bug.

Users in some of our other offices are having the same problems with images in VW2011 which previously worked in 2008 on the Mac. When they open the same file on a PC the images are OK.

What is going on?

It used to be the other way around.

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Looks like the greyed-out bitmap problem is fixed in Mac 2011 SP3. We just encountered it in our office with some SP2 machines not displaying compressed TIFFs. The same TIFF worked fine with machines upgraded to SP3.

(I'm now typing the words "gray" and "grayed" for the benefit of any Americans trying to Google this).

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