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Script for automating tree shapes from NSEW measurements

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Does anyone know of a script that will automatically generate trees (as an ellipse shape) in plan view from NSEW measurements? At the moment I use a polyline and the bezier vertex mode but its slow when you're doing hundreds of trees! Can anyone help? Thanks Gilly

VW 2008 Windows Vista

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You can create a symbol and drag and drop, or use the plant tool, or use the existing plant tool in 2011(you would have to upgrade). As far as automation, I do not know of any. Do you have point generated by an outside source, or a text listing of tree locations?

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I have a list of 150 trees in Excel with their NSEW dimensions in 4 columns. The ellispses I am drawing represent root protection areas for each tree and I am centering them on the trunk of individual trees on the tree survey.

For example I would have the following dimensions:

North 1m

East 4 m

South 2m

West 7m

and I have to draw an ellipse that is that shape that represents the root protection area.

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Gilly, Bryan is right...you need the Existing Tree Tool from 2011. It will do exactly what you want, including the tree protection zone (also changeable). The Plant Objects you are using from Vw 2008 can only be changed within their 2D edit mode and you would have to make sure you had a separate symbol for each. The existing tree tool is intended for trees with irregular canopies and provides a 3D representation of them too.


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The Existing Tree tool is fabulous!

Not sure where you are Gilly, but you can come along and see a live demonstration of it on Thursday. Visit our website, register for the event and come along.

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