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Where is my Renderworks?

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Do you have RenderWorks functions in VW 9.5?

In the VW 901 folder, do you see the RW Library?

Did you update using the online installer or did you install VW 9.5 with an installation CD?

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The installation of VW 9.5 should not have removed any RenderWorks options from VW 901.

Go into VW 901, VW Preferences, Session Tab, Serial Numbers. Select the RenderWorks product and see if your serial number is listed.

If no serial number is listed, simply add your RW serial number. If you cannot select RenderWorks from the product list drop down box, try to reinstall RenderWorks 901.

If you don't have RenderWorks options in VW 9.5 it could be that the install didn't obtain all necessary information to install the RenderWorks components. I suggest running the 9.5 installer again and make sure you enter your VW Serial number as well as your RenderWorks serial number at the installation prompt. At the dialog box where you can install the desired VW applications, make sure you select all appropriate applications including RenderWorks.

What operating system are you using?

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I'm sorry; it's a human error. The person performing the upgrade in the office didn't know that my machine, unlike the others, had RenderWorks too, so he disregarded the RW serial number because he didn't know what it was. I just need to redo the installation.

Thanks for your time.

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