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When will we have VW iPad app ever?

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Aloha, I am wondering if we can get any insider information about VW iPad app?i.e. any consideration by NVW? Any plans? I really think it will be very good for NVW's business to create one before Autodesk. iPads and iPhones are hot selling items?catch the waves NVW before someone else rides on it!

It will expose VW to more users. I was exchanging dwg files with one of our local electrical engineer. He actually never heard of VW?to my disappointment!

From Autodesk's website:

"AutoCAD WS mobile will be available soon. This free* mobile app will let you view, edit, and share DWG? files on your Apple? iPad, iPhone and iPod touch?."

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I am sure we will have it someday.

To begin with NVA could come out with a VW viewer.

What i am thinking though is that...one could use the "AutoCAD WS mobile" with the dwg export import option with VW.

Any one who has played with the ipad, realises that iPAD is the future of mainstream computing.

i don't see making all drawing on the iPad though, but it could be excellent for taking drawing to construction sites.. making changes in the drawing at the site itself.

Some conceptual design could be done vey well on the iPad.

i am using "air display)" on the ipad to use it as a second monitor. I Put the navigation, object info, and resources palettes on it. I am sure all VW users will find it very useful.

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I would love to have the ability to take the contractor for a spin around the 3d model of the building on-site to help elucidate details and design intent. Also, I think quick detail sketches and drawing markup would be great to have in an ipad app. In fact, I've already had contractors asking when I'm going to start distributing drawings sets in ipads... I think they just want the ipad. :)

Perhaps this should be a wish list item?

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