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What happened with Artistic renderings in VW2011

Dieter @ DWorks

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  • 2 months later...

I'm sorry, but the new Artistic RW modes aren't anywhere near the old ones. Problem is you can't even fine-tune them.

I noticed a file called "sketch_styles.c4d" in the Renderworks folder inside the app folder. It's a Cinema4D R11.5 version file, so I tried opening it. It contains the basic settings for the Artistic RW options. I tried editing them. I can modify the strokes but not the surfaces...

Unfortunately, I guess there must be some other info or data hidden elsewhere.

If anyone can help me on this one, I'd be very happy. It could put the Artistic RW back to its value.

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  • 2 months later...

The Artistic render modes are dependent on the core rendering technology used to create and display them. Thus, the old styles were based on the old technology from LightWorks. When we moved the rendering technology to use Cinema4D, it was known that a few compromises had to be made to some existing/past functionality in order to gain other functionality, speed, and quality.

Overall, this has required everyone to adapt to the progress being made, but I don't think a majority of users would like to go back to the old Renderworks. In time, we will continue to work with Maxon to improve the Renderworks experience. This may include improving things like Artistic rendering, but that is also dependent on what engineering Maxon is able to do, as well, to the core technology of the Cinema4D product.

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