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RW 2011 Tip: Plain white exterior renderings

Dave Donley

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

For plain white, softly-lit exterior rendering:

1. Delete or turn off all light objects.

2. Open View->Lighting->Set Lighting Options... dialog.

3. Set Indirect Lighting to Exterior, 1 Bounce

4. Turn off ambient

5. Click OK

6. Apply RW background "HDRI White" (from VW default library) to layer

7. Open View->Rendering->Custom Renderworks Options dialog

9. Turn off Textures

10. Turn off Colors

11. Set Anti-aliasing and Quality levels to taste

12. Render in Custom RW


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Hello Vincent:

That is bizarre. Can you send me the VWX file?


......I just tried with a clean new file and everything works great....so there is something wrong with this particular file and I guess as always something to do with the dwg(vwx) that is referenced into it.......( I also copied a couple of contour lines from the referenced file to create a terrain model with!)

I'll just have to copy all native VW objects to a new file and go from there I guess.....

Edited by Vincent C
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bear with me I do not do allot of rendering, but could you produce those buildings with full color landscape? I mean white buildings with a full landscape plan in color?

Yes you could.

Are you sure Peter?

Dave's method is to take the colour away in the rendering mode.

How could you get this to produce a white building in a full colour landscape?

Stacked Viewports?

Aligned layers with Unified View turned off?

haven't had time to try

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