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How to accurately import 3D model

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Bought a model from Turbosquid. Complex model. I've been able to import the 3ds version as both mesh and 3d polygons, but the textures don't carry over. Turbosquid's response was, "This model is using VRay materials and the textures will need to be applied manually in your application. Sorry for the inconvenience." I don't understand that...vray materials?

There's a c4d file, but VW2010 doesn't seem to import that.

What are my options? I'm not sure of the best way to import different file types or get textures applied to the 100,000+ polygons. Any experience with what tends to work best?


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  • 4 years later...

i am having the same problem with a turbosquid model

just wondering if a can import into sketchup and save as a sketchup model

the materials usually come into vectorworks ok

anyone had any experience with this kind of import and does sketchup

have the same problem with VRAY materials

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

From what I understand, that type of material import will not work with our 3DS import, only simple image-based texture mapping, which generally will be included in a folder as JPGs along with the 3DS.

I am unaware if the full version of Sketchup supports VRay materials.

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