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C. Andrew Dunning

Landru Design Tools Updated

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Greetings from Landru Design!

All of our tools have been updated. Most of the changes have to do with creating versions for Vectorworks 2011 and aligning our tools' internal texture creation with the new Cinema 4D rendering engine. The other modifications are mostly arcane bug fixes and minor tweaks (such as the addition of the "Surface Area" OIP Parameter in StageDeck and StagePlug).

These updates are free-of-charge to current license holders. For the time-being, simply use your original download link and password. If you're not a current user and would like more information, please visit one of the links below.

That's about it for our news from our end of things. Have a productive week!

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Greetings, again, from Landru Design!

For those of you who are users of our tools - and who like to keep up with even small changes in your software, we've uploaded ".11" versions of some of our Vectorworks tools. The tweaks include...:

- For VS4-Projection and VS4-Blended Screen, if you've chosen to show Goalpost legs, you'll have options of different ways of showing the legs' feet (Both, Front, Back, or None) - for those times in which screens have to be placed up against walls or other obstructions.

- For VS4-Projection and VS4-Blended Projector, if you've chosen a zoom lens, you'll have the option of showing the projector's zoom range - enabling you to see how much flexibility you'll have when choosing lenses and placing projectors.

- For VS4-LED, you have the option of creating a "Simple" representation of an array in lieu of the detailed nodes - making the initial creation and placement of large arrays easier and faster.

- For VS4-Blended Screen and AudioArray, the screen and array naming routines have been refined - helping to eliminate potential issues when you have multiple instances of either in your drawings.

- For all of the video tools, if you're running Vectorworks 2011 and Renderworks is not loaded, you'll only get the warning dialog once - instead of every time the tool resets.

- For AudioBox, the geometry defining the dispersion area in 3D has been modified - making speaker coverage easier to see in 3D.

These changes are the direct result of requests and/or observations made by our tools' users. Thanks to all for the continued input!

As in the past, these updates are available free-of-charge to current users of either flavor of VideoScreen 4, Producer's Pack, or Audio ToolSet. Simply use the links and passwords you were sent for your initial download.

For those who are not current users, if you'd like more info, simply visit the link below or e-mail me directly.

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