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Vector Script School?


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I posted this in the Vector Script form also.

After a couple of years in this forum I notice there is the reoccurring post of 'how do I start'.

I have learnt most from reading others code. I think a combination of Youtube videos with example scripts would be a really good education tool.

There are a number of excellent resource site out there but does not seem to be any 'Vector Script School' site.

I've made a quick canvas form on Zoho to see what interest there might be in such a site / community. Please click link and make a response.

Survey Form

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We want to coordinate better Vectorlab with the Developer wiki. We will soon remove a lot of stuff from Vectorlab and link directly to Dev. Then we'll use Vectorlab as "sandbox", open to anyone who wants to write about Vectorscript, while the Developer wiki will keep on being the high-end resource for third-party developers, the place where official descriptions are stored and maintained.

We wish to have a place where things are secure: the Developer wiki.

We also need to have a place where things are wild: Vectorlab. Now we can have both.

We are now in the position to do this, since the Developer wiki has been opened to public editing. Developers are able now to log in and contribute. This is a silent historic event that -for me- marks a new era in the relationship between NNA and his users. Us.

As to the complaint about the difficulty in learning VS...

Vectorscript is a complex and powerful environment. Getting started IS ALREADY possible. Has always been. But won't be ever easy as you expect it to, no matter how many articles you'll have.

In the early 90es I learned VS going by bus to the building site before down. With a Pascal book written in German (I am not German) and no manual. And no internet access. Where I lived -east Berlin- nobody had a telephone. There were no telephones at all. So we arranged a weird home-made telephone system shared by many. Every now and then, once a month or so, one could hope for an internet connection. Which was very expensive. I used this seldom connection to read the vectorscript list. There I learned the basic of Vectorscript from NNA engineers and other scripters. They are still all there, with few exceptions.

The vectorscript list was at that time the only available resource.

Years later I had the chance to jump in and help creating Vectorlab. I paid thus back the help I got in those early years sharing my knowledge and organizing other's.

Don't expect to be spoon fed. You won't ever have such a hard time in learning VS as the old scripters had.

orso of Vectorlab

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