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Planes in 2011

Peter Eichel

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I?ve just update to VW?s 2011. I believe older versions restricted sheet layers to the top/plan view. The first file I've opened shows that the sheet layer ?Foundation Plan? is in top view, not top/plan view. I checked the only viewport on the sheet and it's in top/plan view, so is this a bug?

I?m wondering if there are printing consequences besides the fact that it?s just plain annoying. In 3D drafting one is always aware of which view is current, is that not so?

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Confirmed that VW2010 & earlier Sheet Layers are locked" to Top/Plan. Although one can place and create 3d objects on SL, view of such objects cannot be rotated with Flyover Tool, 3d Rotate, or view change.

So in 2011 can the SL view rotate? Is this a feature or a problem?

Holographic "printing" (still involves a projector/light source) is now available, does this make sheet layers somehow compatible with that equipment and processing?


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Wait a minute.

Sheet layers are just what they indicate... (paper) sheet layers. They don't have any 3D dimension or orientation as they are meant to be analogous to printed paper sheets.

Holographic printing would require some other analogy in the model vs. presentation modes or would print from the model directly, not a paper-based presentation.

Viewports located on the sheet layers can have 3D objects/views. If the VP on the sheet layer is set to "Top/Plan" (2D plan view), but looks like it is "Top" (a 3D orthographic projection) then I would say this is a bug. File it.

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Right, Jeffery, My discussion is about 3d objects on the SL, not about Viewports. As you indicate, it seems incongruous.

I confirmed my experience for Peter that view options are inactive (greyed, and pulldown does not pull) for Sheet Layers in VW2010.

His original post suggests that 3d view options are activated in the VW2011 sheet layers. I thought there might be some unannounced, new Sheet Layer functionality possibly related to printing beyond paper.

From what I have seen, those holo prints are design layer/model space translated by the printers from that other CAD company's file format.


Maybe SL view options just did not get the grey treatment yet in VW2011.


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For what it's worth, I've been playing with the 2011 demo, and Sheet Layers seem to work as expected. An extrude created on the sheet layer can't be viewed three-dimensionally. Only the Top/Plan representation of a hybrid symbol will show when it's placed on a sheet layer. And viewports themselves can display the model in Top view, Top/Plan view, or any other three-dimensional view...

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FWIW I have found in 2009, 2010 and 2011 that if you enter a SLVP via crop tool that the flyover tool works to view in 3D - rendering as well. Doesn't work with the annotation tool though. I'm not sure if this is a feature or intended but it works for me. Not sure how it plays with 3D dimensions. Lenb

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