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VW 2011 Window Tool Bug

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I am evaluating VW 2011 (evaluation download) and have experienced a problem with the Window tool. I sent a bug report regarding this issue, but if you experience a similar problem, I think I have narrowed it down to a specific combination of settings and it can be reproduced consistently with a new file.

I originally experienced the problem when trying to open a VW 2010 file in VW 2011. The file would be in the process of "updating plug-in objects" when the translation would stall and then VW 2011 would crash.

By process of elimination (several hours), I identified the culprit as a window in the VW 2010 file with a "segment" top which would cause the crash in VW 2011.

It is very easy to recreate the problem in VW 2011:

1. Create a new blank file.

2. Using the Wall tool, draw a new wall, any style, 8'-0" tall.

3. Using the Window plug-in tool, place a window in the wall.

4. Give the Window the following General Settings:

a. Segment top

b. Rise: 1'-0"

c. Width: 2'-6"

d. Height: 4'-0"

e. Sash: Fixed Glass

f. Horizontal Muntins: 2 (or any number)

Now, close the window dialog palette and the window behaves correctly.

Next, change the width of the window to 2'-0" and VW 2011 crashes.

I think what is happening is the Rise of 1'-0" in a 2'-0" wide window causes the top of the window to become a Round-top, not a Segment, and this is crashing VW. The problem only seems to occur when there are Muntins in the window and the wrong combination of Rise and Width. If the 2'-0" wide window has a Rise of 4", for example, the crash does not occur.

I hope this helps to track down the gremlin and perhaps an error message will happen in the future in lieu of a crash.

I would be interested to hear if others can reproduce the problem and I hope to see a quick fix.

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