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VW2011 - do you still get the MD libraries?

Alan Boughey

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Guest Michael Pacylowski

Thank you for your question. The short answer is yes. If you refer to the machine design product page:


you will find the migration instructions for current users. You will also find a link to our Machine Design FAQ:


In this PDF you will notice the following:

13. Have you removed any of the Machine Design functionality from Vectorworks?

No, all of Vectorworks Machine Design tools, features, and commands have been incorporated in the workspaces of the Vectorworks Design Series products.

Hope that helps.

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11. Are there plans to further update any Machine Design tools, commands, and features in future Vectorworks releases?

There are no plans to do further development on Machine Design specific functionality; however, we will continue to support existing functionality of Machine Design found within the Design Series workspaces.

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As there are no plans to develop any of the tools it would be nice of Nemetschek to provide open access to the existing tools so that third party developers can at least build on the good work done so far. It would be a pity to be forced to move onto a different platform when so much improvement has occurred in the overall platform.

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This is an old thread, and I am going off-topic.

I have been a VW customer for a few years (I don't recall when I started, but probably 4-5 years ago) and while I hoped to use it to design my "dream cottage" one day, machine design is what paid the software bill.

After years of trying to make this work, I bit the bullet and purchased SolidWorks and put it on my Windows VMWare. This was largely to be compatible with the machine shop that manufactures most of our stuff, but I was also tired of paying for a tool that was really destined for someone else. I have to say that once you get how to design in it, it is a whole new world. This makes VW little better than Google-sketch. I am more productive, the parts end up better and combined with my uPrint+ 3D printer, I can really prototype fast and make effective use of my time. Sorry to rag on VW on their own board, but I have been a paying customer for years and they should know why my upgrade revenue stopped coming. I was reluctant to adopt a Windows solution, and other than it being a Windows product, I have no regrets. Maybe I'll come back to the architect forums when I dust off VW to design that cottage...


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