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Blended - Curved Screen


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Need help with the next step here.

I have a 12'x 40' drawn with three projector blended. I want to convert this to a curved screen of the same dimensions. I have drawn the ideal arc for the curved screen and extruded it to the height of the original screen surface.

You will see the original screen bisecting the extruded arc. Ideally, I would like the extruded arc to replace the straight screen. I feel I am approaching this the wrong way or I'm missing a basic function here... so I'm asking for input.

Would I be better served creating a cylinder and trimming an arc out of it's inner face? Can I define this object as a screen surface?

Look forward to your input.

Thanks in advance.


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Greg -

1) As you've discovered, at the present time, Blended Screen/VS4-Blended Screen only create flat screens. Curved screens are on several wish lists; we simply haven't gotten there, yet.

2) Though far from automatic, the best solution I've seen is to create 2 objects: an extruded arc (converted to NURBS) for the curved screen and a Blended Screen/VS4-Blended Screen object that equals the dimensions of your curved screen, should it be flattened out. Insert Projectors with your intended settings and then move them from the flat screen to the curved screen - rotating as you go.

Like I said, far from automatic. If any one else has better ideas, I, too, would love to hear them, as this is a question I've gotten before.

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