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Problem using camera tool - new usuer

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Or, maybe the question is more basic?

To make a camera view, switch to Top Plan view, click the camera tool, then click twice on the drawing - 1st click is camera location, second click is end point of direction of the view. Still in Top Plan view the drawing area shows a VW camera graphic. If needed, move the camera and change the view direction or view angle/width with mouse drags. OIP shows fields for camera height and "Look To" height, and a button for Show Camera View. Click this Show button and the drawing area view changes to a perspective window centered on the page (if needed, click the Fit to Page button in the Menu Bar). This perspective window is your "shot". If the perspective window is blank or showing wrong stuff, the camera height or Look To values in the OIP need adjusting. Once you get the stuff you want in the perspective view window, use the Menu>View>Create Viewport command to place a new viewport on a (new?) sheet layer. Render with the OIP Viewport render and update options. On the design layer, switch back to Top Plan view to see and edit the camera graphics again. In Top view, the camera looks like a locus.

Read all about it in VW Help


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