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When I batch convert my VW12.5.3 files to VW2010 is it important to check the option "Convert referenced layers to referenced viewports"?

When I do this all the viewports are set-up in a way that maintains the design layer class attributes instead of letting them be controlled by the file that the Sheet Layer is in.

Has the functionality of the class attributes been changed since VW12?

Our office has typically kept Design Layers in a separate file from Sheet Layers. In this set-up all line work properties in the Design Layer file are set to "By Class." Then in the file with the Sheet Layers we set all Classes to Black Lines or whatever the preference is for presentation.

Is this the way we should be doing things?

We are doing a full office migration in a week so any input would be appreciated.


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Scott, you work as I do.

For you is better to let that option unchecked upon conversion.

The method we use is much faster when you need to publish things. Just override the current document class and all viewports follow.

For your knowledge, in our workflow Design Layer Viewports are useful for working files, but never for publishing files.

You will prefer to leave them out of your conversion for now, but experiment with them later in your working files. They are more or less like layer links but with a crop and a -devilish- class management (just for you to figure what they do).

If you have Design Layer Viewports in publishing files the attribute management gets so complicated that not even me -user since ages- comes out error free from it. They are very powerful, but not efficient when you must care about appearance (say: different color coding in the plot files, such as we often do in Europe).

happy upgrade, you'll love it


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