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Custom Titleblock: Font Issue with Sheet Border Tool


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I have been following the guide for creating a custom title block but as soon as I use it in the Sheet Border tool all the Font Styles become uniform. In the title block symbol I created some are bold, some condensed, etc but this all goes away when the Sheet Border tool uses it. I can change the font in the Sheet Border but it applies universally to all fields.

Is there a way to maintain specific font styles for the various fields when it is combined with the Sheet Border tool?


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How the fonts behave is defined by the pen attributes settings. From the manual -

For text font and style attributes, set the Pen Style to Solid to use the text attributes set when the title block was created. For text color, select the desired Pen Color.

Current their attributes must be set to "By Class" in the original symbol since they are taking on the setting of the Border element.


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