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Exporting ArcGIS shapefile to make a 3D model in VectorWorks

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Im trying to export a 2D ArcGIS v8.3 shapefile into VectorWorks 8.5.2 to create a 3D model. I have converted the shp file into a DXF file, but it appears as a PaintShopPro image file when I go to open it with VectorWorks. I have no idea why, and the file appears as a proper DXF file when viewed from other applications.

Any suggestions? Thank you!

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Your system File Helper settings (if Mac) are set to use a particular "Helper Application" to open files of that type. That is why other applications see it correctly but visually on your computer "you" see it as the system thinks it should be displaying the file "as" so that the proper helper applcation can automatically deal with it. You probably already dealt with this but I am cruising the forum.

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