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Vectorworks 2011 ?Release note

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I would assume you could select all the circles and push/pull them together.

That's what I was wondering.

Probably not, otherwise they probably would have shown it this way. Would love to be wrong. If I remember right it took a couple of versions to get the Connect/Combine tool to work on multiple objects. (or did it just take me a couple of versions to figure it out?)

At any rate, this is a good and enticing development.

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Crikey...how would you find ANY tool amongst the clutter of that ArchiCAD interface...?

:grin: 90% of the top and bottom tools you hardly use, I hate clicking my way through pull downs etc..... i just like having everything available. (on a 24" screen that's hardly an issue....)

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I think Bob was pointing out the plot of these clips rather than suggesting employees are surreptitiously posting these videos.

Don't believe it one bit......in that last clip it should be very easy to find out who it was

Easier than you think; the videos are being posted on the Vectorworks' official YouTube channel. No opinions needed. This is an ad campaign.

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