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3d printing buildings. Again

Benson Shaw

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More on this topic:

Here is link to YouTube retrieval of a TEDTalk showing a prototype actually "printing" concrete walls (researcher calls it excreting). Full scale prototype shown operating near the end:

Tedtalk is by Behrokh Khoshnevis, director of a Univ of Southern California CRAFT project:



This one is just for fun. 3d printing with custom CAD of shapes which viewed at correct angle realize MC Escher fantasies:



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Hey, SBG - 5 days and $10K for walls & floors sounds good. The developers should be all over it for 3 story duplex and cottage projects. But, I don't think I've seen any new tilt up detached residences. It's all stick frame around here. Or are these concrete homes undesirable despite the construction savings?

I can't predict viability of this emerging technology. I just like the idea of it. Freeform buildings, customized per owner whim. CAD on the fly. And the gantry track can be repurposed as a neighborhood transit system (more likely a kiddie ride or lawn mower impediment).


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