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Improve Consistency




One area where Vectorworks could improve on is in it's consistency. Here are a couple of examples that will hopefully illustrate this point.

Example 1: In Vectorworks 2010 there are two stair object tools. This can be confusing, especially for new and or occasional users when trying to select the best/correct tool for the job. There should only be one stair tool.

Example 2: Wall objects are another example of inconsistent behavior. There are four wall object types in Vectorworks 2010 which are fairly straight forward in their respective use cases, however the behavior between them isn't consistent. For instance, you can insert door objects into standard wall objects, but not window wall objects. This is very frustrating! Once more, this design seems to be limited in it's scalability. Will a new wall object type be created for leaning, oval, or elliptical walls? Why not have one wall object tool? Instead of having a separate window wall, just use the standard wall object, then select a ?window wall? or ?curved window? wall style.

Thanks for considering this suggestion!

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+2 (on a side note they've been struggling with this for a while, it will be interesting to see when and how they solve this......:)) Others are: 2 different selections tools!? one for 2D one for 3D; 2D reshape and 3D reshape tools etc......when I worked with Bentley a couple of years ago they had the same, different tools for 2D, 3D modeling and parametric objects....don't know if they have solved that now??

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