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Hybrid Object Rotation?how to do it?

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Is there a way to rotate a roof face?

I thought once I set the working plane right I can rotate any 3D object?or I think I did... perhaps I am not setting it right.

I adjusted the overhang of a roof face, that changed the alignment of the two roof face's hip joint. Each time I use the "Rotate" tool to rotate the object I am getting the following alert message:

"Hybrid objects can only be rotated in a plane parallel to the active layer plane. Would you like working plane set to the active layer plane?"

When I click "yes" the object is no longer rotates they direction I wanted.

What I am doing incorrectly here? Any ideas how to rotate this roof face? See attached files. I am trying to align the upper part of Roof Face 1 with the upper part of Roof Face 2. As you can see they are not aligned.

By the way, these roof faces were created by AEC>Create Roof then they were ungrouped for modification. Thank you.

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