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I would like to find out how i can create my own textures?

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I have just started using vectorworks in the past month and have come up against issue i cant seem to solve myself

I wonder if any one can would be able to tell me how I can create my own texture? and also help me with importing image props

I have an image that i would like to use, but when i go to create image prop it is greyed out so i cant select it.

Also when i go to the resource browser and go to new resource i cannot seem to figure out what to do next?

I did a four day course and my tutor did show but have forgotten how the hell you do this?

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What version of Vectorworks are you using? Do you have Renderworks installed? If the command is greyed out in the menu, it probably means that Renderworks is not installed.

Mike, just to clarify, I believe you can only make an image prop from an image file (the file dialog opens when you choose the menu command), not from an existing resource like a texture.


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