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The U key is default for mode changes in tools with modes. G key sets a cursor Datum point. These actions would need to be reassigned to different keys before your new hotkey definition can be saved.

So, cmdU and cmdG don't work for you for group and ungroup? Or you are just trying to get them down to a single key? Just curious.


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I'm not sure this is helping, but I'm trying to clarify, for myself at least:

⌘G and ⌘U are the default key commands for Group and Ungroup. Are they invoking some other action, or not doing anything?

What does your Workspace Editor Menu list show for Group and Ungroup shortcuts?

If these are not working, and are not in your workspace for Group and Ungroup, it means ⌘G and ⌘U have been reassigned to something else. But in order to use ⌘G or ⌘U for something else, Group and Ungroup would first need to be reassigned to new shortcuts. Group and Ungroup seem to have limited options (eg add the option or shift option via the radio buttons), and always require the ⌘ key as part of the shortcut. Deep Geeks may be able to change this, not me.

Find and remove (unassign) the ⌘G and ⌘U key commands for those other actions before you reassign the defaults. Then assign new key commands to those other actions if you want to invoke them with keystrokes.

Or maybe there is an OS problem - Restart? Repair Permissions? Trash the VW Plist (will change ALL prefs to default, so save a WS copy)? Close other aps?


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Thanks for the reply. No they do nothing. The WS shows no shortcuts for them. They show up in the default Architect WS but I am unable to get them to save in my custom WS. I agree its very strange behavior. It was something in the saved WS as I gave up and copied an old 2009 WS where they showed up in and then made my adjustments again. Thanks for the reply anyway. Lenb

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Hi Pat, Actually strangely enough the WS that I'm having trouble with is native 2010 adapted from the default architect WS. Silly me I decided to adapt a 2010 WS to try to keep things clean etc. rather then bringing forward my old one. When I brought in the old 2009 WS all behaves well - it just cost me some time re-doing my re-do of some menus tools etc. Lenb

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