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Importing Hatches

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How does one "import" a hatch? I have a file that I think I obtained through a link here at the forum, StoneCad Hatches, that has all these beautifully detailed hatch patterns, each in a different layer, that seem ready to go but I don't know how to make these patterns a hatch. Is there a simple command to do this without actually going into the hatch editor and try to recreate these complex hatches by hand- which would defeat the purpose tremendously it would seem.

I do manage to come across other nicely detailed hatch patterns once in a while that work great as they are already hatch definitions.


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Use the resource browser to import a hatch. Have your file open on the screen, and have the resource browser looking at the file with the hatches.

Now you can right mouse click on the hatch and use import, or you can use the resource browser to drag the hatch to an object on the drawing, this will import the hatch.

There is a better way, and that is to add the hatch file to your library. Doing this, you will have all the hatches you want, in the attributes palette. All you need to do, is to add the file to your Libraries > Default > Attributes -Hatches. I have written a manual on this.... http://www.archoncad.com/creating-and-managing-libraries.html

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Thanks for the quick reply Jonathan; I'm over on YouTube watching your and your pal Architectural Technologist's VW videos as I was awaiting a reply- always learning a new thing or two with you- thanks for posting the vids.

But, I'm still not understanding. The file that contains the patterns has no defined resources in the browser. The pattern in this layer is defined as 351 3D polygons (why they are 3D I don't know but if you go to a orthogonal view, there they are lying on the ground plane) and so they are not recognized as a resource available for importing.

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Thanks Jonathan,

I installed StoneCad (or, rather, re-installed but it is still called StoneCad 5 so don't know if this is an update or not; I have only used this App. before by saving the stone textures as images into a folder and then accessing the folder from the resource browser and selecting an image as a new texture, I have never used StoneCad to directly send/save textures or hatches to VW), selected the Vectorworks Icon as the target destination for the selected hatches, and the custom path as Macintosh HD:Applications:Vectorworks:Libraries:Hatches and the hatches are installed as individual .mcd files in the target folder; when trying to access them from the resource browser the .mcd files are grayed and not accessible as a resource, leaving me with the same dilemma as before.

If you (or anyone else) have successfully used this, could you please tell me how to direct the StoneCad App. to send/save the hatches so that they would show up in the VW resource browser as hatches.

Thanks Much

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