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Layers and LW Data Exchange


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I suspect this is more of a feature request but...

I'm currently working for a dance company that has an extensive repetory of ballets. Currently all the specials for a ballet are put on a layer. This allows us to turn layers on and off depending on which ballets are used for a given season.

Unfortunately even the units that are on frozen layers export to LW. It would be great if I could tell Vectorworks to not include units on frozen layers in the XML file.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

In LW use Utilities\Limits

As a example if the Layer you want to hide is "FOH Positions" then you would set Match "All Kinds" "x" and also when "VW Layer" "is not" "FOH Positions"

You can add mutiple conditions to hide mutiple layers.

The same limit can be applied when printing paperwork.

Data changes will still be transfered and visable as soon as you remove the limit.

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Or VW could have the option of toggling layers so they never make it to LW in the first place. Much easier!

Using limits in this way is a workaround at best. I can very easily see someone printing the paperwork w/o a limit and ending up with over 100 ballets worth of specials!

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Exporting only visible layers was considered but we decided against it since layer visibility is only a temporary state of the drawing.

If you changed layer visibility the layers not currently visible would be deleted from LW and then when you made the layers in VW visible again the lights would be seen as NEW in LW. This would happen every time you changed layer visibility in VW. If you added lights in LW on a layer that was not visible at the time what would VW do with the lights?

The more we looked at it the more potential problems we found.

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I could be WAY off base here, but ...

Could your drawing(s) be organized so that each ballet was a separate drawing that was referenced by the "master" (rep plot) drawing?

** I am assuming that a referenced file would not share information with LW exchange --- I do not know if this is true. **

From the "master" drawing you could see all, some or none of the ballets. In order to pull the lighting information into LW, you would have to open that document.

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