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Referencing $INCLUDE files in VectorScript

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I like to place my common used scripts inside an INCLUDE file. The Include file has to be used by Macintosh and Windows version of VectorWorks 9.1.

I made an include file in Microsoft Word named ExternScripts.vss. The directory structure is :F:\StarGate_2002\Include_Files\ExternScripts.vss

I checked the names, the directory structure but I always get the error "Could not open include file". The F: drive calls PC-MAC(F smile.gif" border="0 when you view it in My Computer.

The code in the INCLUDE file :procedure Remote_Sub;var i:integer;beginAlrtDialog('This is the remote function');end; { End of Remote_Sub }

Code in the calling script :procedure Test_Rem;varj:integer;j:string;{$INCLUDE F:\StarGate_2002\Include_Files\ExternScripts.vss}beginRemote_Sub;end; { End of Test_Rem }run(Test_Rem);

Please note that I typed the text over from the screen near me. In the original code, I checked spelling and everything seems correct. However I think that the problem is located in specifying the drive and its name.

Can you help me solving this problem. I will appreciate your help and I thank you in advance.

I wish you all a Merry Xmas and a happy New Year. And I hope you will enjoy your well deserved holiday. For the others who have to work (like me) during this period, I wish you every success and I hope you will enjoy your work.

Friendly greetings,


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Hi Klinzey,

This morning I tried your solution but regretfully it did not work.

I am sure that the answer you gave me is correct. But we use a Dutch version of VectorWorks where the Plug-in directory is called "Insteekmodules". Maybe this is the reason this did not work.

We decided to go on the old way (like we did in 8.5.2) and story our common procedures and functions in a library script.

I thank you very much for your help and your advice. I wish you a very nice day and much success in VectorWorks.

Friendly greetings,


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If your include statement does not specify a path, just a filename, then VW will look in a default location.

For a script that is in a drawing, the default location of include files is in the application folder.

For a script that is in a Plug-in, the default location of include files is in the Plug-ins folder.

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Hello Jeff,

Thank you very much for your answer. I think that this is the answer I am looking for so long. Because someone before told me to put it in the Plug In folder, I thaught I made an error. I searched for hours to find my error but I never found it. Now I know what mistake I made.

I will put my include files in the VectorWorks application folder and try again. I will tell you the result on this topic so when it is succesfull other users will find out also.

I thank you very much for your help. I wish you a very nice day and success with VectorScript.

Friendly greetings,

StarGate(Chrissy) smile.gif" border="0

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