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symbols in elevation or section

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In hybrid symbols 2d graphics are only available for Top/Plan View.

You might have some success by judicious use of classes when constructing your symbols and using Saved Views to quickly control which classes are visible while working on your Section-VPs.


You might work on your Section-VP Elevations in Hidden Line Rendering mode.


You could render each symbol using Hidden Line. Modify>Convert Copy to Lines - Ungroup. Modify>Convert to 3d Polygons and save this within a 2d-Elevation class in your symbol.

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I think we all support it. Having to annotate over nearly everything in a section VP is a huge time killer. Not to mention what happens if changes are made to the model! However, think back to pre-computer drafting. Ouch. Things are improving, but perhaps not as quickly as we'd all like ;-) One reason I prefer to bill by the hour...

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Thanks Peter.

One of the issues here is that when i teach VP i have this enthusiasm of how great and time saving it is. But then i get to section VP and it's like back-fire. I must admit it's frustrating.

How do you convince users that it still worth the effort?

And maybe one more question: what is your method of working with details, such as carpentry? for example - i design a table, put it in the model. then need details in VP - plan, elevations, sections. Do you use a reference VP? different file?

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Hi Tami, Yes, this is the drawback. However I think the positives far outweigh the negatives. We can create all of the Elevations without having to draw anything (aside from the original accurate model). So annotating over Sections is very time consuming, but then it always has been (even when we used to draw them). But on the other hand it also very instructive and allows the user (at least me) to "prove" whether everything actually works...

Over time there has been a lot of improvement in Walls and some other objects which has reduced (but not eliminated) the need for loads of annotations. Hopefully we will continue to see these improvements and hopefully they will eventually work with all structural systems and their inter-relationships (floors, roof, walls, etc...). P

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Having actually created a hand draughted planset the olde fashioned way ...

please don't be too critical of the limitations of ViewPorts, et al.

Most certainly it's a pain to have to actually edit over the CAD generated sections and elevations and then add notations to the plethora of CAD details .. .

but it sure beats having to "draw&draft " the entire project while avoiding making time consuming mistakes.

Perhaps, we can all look forward to a future when CAD Monkeys will become as extinct as telephone switch operators.

Eventually the global CAD Cloud will be smart enough to make all the necessary connections from a few spoken commands.

BIM = Building Information MEME

Until that fateful day ... let's all enjoy the ride : )

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