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crashing from rendering?

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Hi all,

I'm still in the dark ages with '08, but I'm having a problem that I didn't have yesterday.

I have a fairly simple model, lots of truss and textures, and whenever I tell it to use renderworks in a sheet layer viewport, it does the geometry, then sits for a while, then shuts down without any error messages.

any thoughts?


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You're running out of memory. Probably because your DPI setting is too high for the sheet layer. In my experience, viewport renderings are slower and more intensive than screen renders.

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Thanks Grant,

Usually when I run out of memory, it tells me that. This is just kicking me out of vectorworks with no explaination, it just closes the windows and I'm staring at my desktop again.

Usually, i can make the adjustments you've suggested, close VW, restart VW, and go about my business. Not this time though. even after a computer restart, still had the same effect.

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I have had your same experience in the past. It turned out that a symbol had gotten corrupted. It would render fine in a design layer, but always crashed Vectorworks when rendering in a Sheet Layer Viewport. I tracked down the problem by process of elimination, starting by turning off half the classes in the viewport and rendering again. If it rendered, I switched those back on and turned the others off. I continued on until I narrowed the field. I worked on a copy of my original file just to be safe. Once I found the corrupt object (in my case a symbol), I was able to replace it in the original file.

Hope this helps,


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THanks Kevin,

I will try that in the future. I was able to recover my uncorrupted file from a system backup, and only lost about 3 hours worth of work.

I thought that my sheet layer/viewports had become corrupt, and had given up on finding the problem when I searched out my backup.

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