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Metric and English dimensioning in one document

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Hello. I have a cabinet shop, and we work in inches, yet use European hardware that is mostly metric. Is there a vectorscript or something out there that would allow me to have both english and metric dimensions in one viewport/document. These are our shop documents that we build off of. As of now, you set the unit preference in the document preferences panel, and that applies to every single dimension you pull in the whole document.

Oh, and lets not turn this into a "Metric is better than English" discussion please: I already know that. ;-)

Any advice is appreciated!


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You can change the dimension standard for any individual dimension (or even multiple selected dimensions) in the Object Info Palette.

As bcd says, by default VW ships with the two ASME dual dimensions already set up. If you don't like the markers/leaders/etc. of the ASME dimensions, create your own.

To create a dimension standard go to File:Document Setting:Document Preferences and go to the Dimensions tab. Select a dimensions standard your like (it will be used as the template), and click the Custom button. In the next dialog box click the New button and name the new standard. Then select the standard and click the Edit button. In the Edit Custom Dimension Standard dialog box, pick one of the Dual options in the Layout: pulldown. Make sure that Both is selected in the Dual View pull down.

Then in File:Document Settings:Units, you can set the units for the primary and secondary dimensions.

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